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Dragon Master 52 {January 2022} Curious To Know? Learn Here!

This article will provide information the details of Dragon Master 52 and its features as well as the strategies for playing. Learn more.

Studio “Magic Hat” initiated with “Dragon Master”.

It’s a brand new kind of game which is said to have an affiliation in “RTS”, “MOBA” as well as “Blockchain”.

The game is already popular across the world. A lot of players are looking to discover new possibilities.

The game is unique because it has aspects that differentiate it in the game’s structure.

For our readers and gamers We try to give readers some thoughts about the game. Also, let’s discuss Dragon Master 52.

What is the game?

We have already mentioned that this game is unique in its characteristics. Furthermore, players are able to enjoy the game in different experience.

The player can play with several dragons, each with powerful elements. Players can select the dragons to capture. The dragons are able to begin and finish the game.

It’s the most distinctive style of play. In addition, the strength in “Blockchain” gives the game additional features and more robust ones.

The game comes with security enhancements that comes from “Ethereum” and offers absolute protection against cyber-attacks.

What exactly is Dragon Master 52?

Then we can learn more about the topic.

There is one Dragon Master who lives in the inland area in “Lemuria.” It is the land of the dragons. There are many kinds of dragons living in this area with unique powers.

As players, you are able to discover different kinds of dragons. They are different in their features power, abilities, strengths, and names.

Dragon names are extremely unique. There are “Bomb Dragon”, “Titan Dragon,” “Free Dragon,” and “Thunder Dragon”.

The player is able to use one of the dragons. They can follow the goal and finish the mission of the game according to the rules.

Dragon Master 52 – Playing Strategy

To play the game of “Dragon Master,” you must follow a plan to be successful in the game.

The most important part that the players must focus on is creating your own dragons’ team. According to the rules in the game you can choose to take four different dragons of various sizes.

The dragon’s size must be large, extra-large medium and small. They will be a part of the entire team of players.

With the four dragon sizes players can play the game. The name of the arena can be described as “5 tracks”.

There is a general rule to follow in Dragon Master 52. Dragon Master 52.

If you select a huge dragon, it is heavier on the field, but it has very little power. The bigger dragon can only push it on the battlefield. It triggers the hit strength that the players “HP”. We are aware of the names of winners when it is the time that the “HP” hits the “Zero Line”.


The game is being played by avid gamers recently. A lot of game enthusiasts would like to play the game.

There are many reasons to play. Gamers are able to combine different types of teams through their skills, abilities and strategies.

The players have the option of playing Dragon Master 52 game on their Android version. Gamers can also download the game.

Check out the page for additional information.

Do You Like the Game? Do you have a suggestion.

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