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Dog Diet: 5 Essential Foods Your Dog Needs To Thrive

Topic: Dog Diet: 5 Essential Foods Your Dog Needs To Thrive: According to research, dogs were initially bred for hunting. Thus it is no wonder that they are particularly territorial of their food. They will spend all day stalking prey and protecting its territory before eventually killing the invader with a solid bite to the neck.

Dogs, like any other carnivores (meat-eaters), need meat in their diet. Meat provides them with high protein levels that cannot be found anywhere else except in dog food products. There are no vegetarian options for this breed of an animal; however, some may argue that plant-based proteins can still provide your dog with sufficient nutrients for growth and body weight maintenance.

When choosing your dog’s food, beef, chicken, or lamb should make up at least 95% of the product ingredients on the label. Duck, venison, bison, and rabbit are also great options for your dog’s diet; however, make sure to avoid products with the word “byproduct” or “meal” appearing anywhere on the label. Byproducts are made up of parts of the animal that contain nearly no nutritional value at all.

Just like humans need to take care of their pets’ health by providing them with good quality food, but today the marketing has shifted to online. If you are a pet parent, you must prefer dubai pet food, the largest online and retail pet shop in the UAE. They provide the best quality food for pets. And your dogs too must eat nutritious meals every day if they want to stay healthy during their lifetime.

Here are five essential food that you must give your pet dog;

  • Beef

Beef not only makes up 95% of your dog’s food, but it is also essential in maintaining muscle mass and body weight. Take note that dogs that do not eat enough protein will lead to stunted growth, skeletal problems (including osteoporosis), shiny coats, and dry skin – among other things. Unlike humans, who can gain weight by consuming too much protein, extra protein does not accumulate in animals’ bodies after they have reached adulthood. So, feel free to give your dog that different piece of meat on the side.

Beef also contains high levels of essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6. These nutrients are great for reducing inflammation within the body and improving skin conditions, digestion, heart function, and hair growth in dogs. It is a good idea to supplement these fatty acids with a dog vitamin or make sure they are in a package’s list of ingredients before buying it at the store.

2) Fish

Fish is a highly healthy choice for diet option for your dog because, unlike beef, fish provides large amounts of Omega-3 but not too much fat – However, only choose wild-caught salmon rather than farm-raised Atlantic salmon. Wild-caught salmon contains high amounts of protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids (Along with other essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium).

3) Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are an essential part of any healthy diet for dogs, especially when you’re trying to watch their weight since they provide them with the necessary energy-boosting nutrients without increasing their calorie intake too much at once. There are many brands of dog food available in the market today which already include vitamin supplements in their recipes; however, if you feel like making something at home for your puppy, then do mix in a supplement into his food.

4) Cooked Rice and Vegetables

You can serve your dog cooked rice and vegetables as a part of his balanced diet every day since it is considered nutritious and easily digestible for most dogs. Avoid those vegetables that can be harmful or toxic when dogs eat, such as onions, garlic, and shallots. Dogs can eat carrots and peas, but they do not need them in their daily meals. If you must include these vegetables with your dog’s dinner, make sure that there is no corn or wheat in the ingredients list so that it does not create allergies for him later on down the line.

5) Salmon Oil Supplements

Salmon oil supplements are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for improving your dog’s overall health and strengthening his immune system. You can either directly feed him the liquid fish oil supplement via dropper or mix it into his food.

Wrapping Up!

Remember, variety is essential when it comes to healthy nutrition for our dogs. So whether you decide to feed your dog with all meat products or a combination of meat and plant-based food products, remember always to give the dog lots of love and attention when you are sharing your dinner with him.

If you are looking for a dog diet that can help your puppy stay fit, healthy, and generally do well in life, then the following is the right article for you.

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