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Crushmetric Reviews (February 2022) Is This Scam Or Legit Website?

This blog post provides an honest Crushmetric Reviews about the website that advertises to sell switch pen.

Are you looking to learn more details about Crushmetric? Crushmetric store? Do you want to know more about the Crushmetric store? Then join this reviews session.

On the internet, you can discover many new and innovative products. Today, we’ve decided to inform people about the newest website called Crushmetric that provides newly designed pen designs. If you’re wondering what’s new about the pen, then read these Crushmetric reviews to discover the answers to your questions.

The website delivers to all regions of the globe which includes America. United States so you can look below to learn more about the legitimacy of the website.

What’s Crushmetric?

Crushmetric is an online platform that recently launched its multi-design pen business. It sells an electronic pen that is able to be transformed into two different styles by opening the pen. Additionally, the pen is ballpoint and is able to easily switch between solid and crushed. The website sells a single product but it is also available in two combinations, such as five and 10. It’s a little exciting with regards to the design.

The official website mentions the pen’s features and specifications in order to educate customers on the pen, however we aren’t able to decide whether Crushmetric is legitimate or a scam shop.

We’ll continue to read to get real answers.

Conditions and terms of Crushmetric

  • Website’s home page link- https://www.crushmetric.com/
  • Support service mail ID- unavailable
  • Products- pen- switches
  • Shipping costs- $5
  • address of the company, not mentioned
  • Contact number- no information
  • Period of delivery – to be announced when you enter the zip code of the area.
  • Newsletter- mentioned
  • Social media links- available
  • Payment options are not made public.
  • Domain launch date- 23/08/2020
  • Exchange and return policy not discussed
  • Estimated refund time-not available

It is recommended that you go through the buyers’ Crushmetric Reviews to get a better understanding of the product and its after-sales service on the website.

What’s the good advantages of buying at Crushmetric?

  • The site has HTTPS secured.
  • The website is selling its items at the lowest prices.
  • It has also mentioned active social media hyperlinks on the site.
  • It has listed the product along with its features.
  • The website is available across in the United States and numerous other countries.

Which are disadvantages to purchase Crushmetric? Crushmetric?

  • The most pertinent information on the website is not available since the website has not revealed the email address, phone number, or address of the company.
  • There isn’t any feedback listed on the official website yet.
  • The customers are not satisfied by the product.

Is Crushmetric legitimate?

Numerous online sites are available on the web that specialize with single-line products, however we shouldn’t trust the newly-created stores to be safe from fraud or scams. We have also rounded the details of this site to demonstrate its credibility to the public, so let’s take a look at the tips below.

  • Domain launch date: the website’s domain has to be at least six months old to pass the legitimacy test. Moreover, the domain was launched on the 23rd of August, 2020; therefore, it is qualified on one of the criteria.
  • Customer reviews- There are no customer Crushmetric Reviews published on the official site. There are reviews that are available through external sites.
  • Social media links – Instagram, Twitter, and Ticktock are all listed.
  • Date of expiration for domain names: The domain name will expire at 23:08 on August 23, 2022.
  • Trust score: the site has earned 60% of the score.
  • Alexa rank – the detected rank is 2674088.
  • No content copied – none was copied, however many useful information is not available on the portal.
  • Address origin–no information is released about the address of the site.

What is the buyers’ Crushmetric Reviews?

In our investigation we discovered that there is no mention of their experience with the pen switch on the official website. In addition certain users on the internet have criticized the product due to the fact that it isn’t refillable.

In hindsight, through the website’s postings on Instagram customers have asked questions about products’ availability and delivery.

So, one should take the time to examine the reviews prior to making any decision.

The End Verdict

The research revealed that the website’s offerings have been receiving mixed praise from customers. We advise that buyers confirm all the details on their own end prior to placing an order. We let the final decision to the buyers.

Please read all guidelines listed under the Crushmetric Reviews to reduce the chance of falling for scams.

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