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Craig Kelly MP Website Read To Know Full Facts!

What is the reason Craig Kelly MP Website being talked about on the internet? Learn more about this post to know the truth that are behind the story.

Craig Kelly is the most well-known persona of all time in Australia. The politician who has served as a MP to represent the divisions in Hughes since the federal election. He is also an active participant in the Liberal party. Recently, he’s been featured in news for the past couple of months and people are making fun of his negative behavior in social networks.

Craig Kelly MP Website is causing a massive debate on the web, and is regarded as a major drama making headlines. Let’s look into the entire story.

What are you? Craig Kelly?

Craig Kelly has been a member of the Parliament since the year 2010. In the last few months he has joined Clive Palmer’s UAP which he is expected to lead for the next two elections. Kelly was born on September 29, 1963. Kelly completed his education at public schools. Following his studies was completed, he joined the furniture business of his family and was promoted to salesperson.

Kelly developed the now defunct SSRA (Southern Sydney Retailers Association) which was a platform served to amplify the consumer commission as well as Australian competition.

What is the reason Craig Kelly MP Website in the news?

Presently, Craig has been highly condemned for his reckless act of disseminating false information on social media sites about COVID-19. On Kelly’s page on Facebook we’ve seen that an incredibly high engagement in January more than the Prime Minister and other leaders with power.

In January, he’s the most powerful politician among Australian people. His website disseminates fake news about COVID-19 as well as sends emails to 14 million Australians regarding vaccination.

In the message the messages, it’s reported the claim that Ms. Kelly is behind this since he has his official website  Craig Kelly MP Website .”The purpose of the site was to provide the latest policies as well as the latest updates, however, because of the inability to renew the domain name, his site was attacked and trolling. It was linked to Jordies, a YouTuber-friendly.

About Craig’s site

Craig Kelly’s website was registered on the 7th of September, 2020. It was not controlled of the politician. Additionally, on the main page, you’ll find an enormous photo of Craig wearing the mask of their eyes and not their mouth. The trolling troll has written on left-hand side of Craig’s photo that he is sending memes right in the present.

Additionally, Craig Kelly MP Website includes a YouTube clip produced by the friendly Jordie’s of the party. The interesting thing is that the link to fundraise is a way to support YouTubers who are on the website. His YouTube channel is well-known for his role as Jordan Shanks.

Learn the entire background here.

the Bottom Line

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected the whole life of an person. However, spreading misleading information about COVID vaccine and playing around with feelings of others isn’t a wise choice. There is a rumor that Craig bought a domain to add guidelines and information for individuals. However, Kelly didn’t renew his Craig Kelly MP Website domain, which is currently being trolled by YouTubers.

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