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Chrollo All Star Tower Defense Get New Updates!

This article contains all the information you need about Chrollo All Star Tower Defense in detail.

Have you seen recently many All Star Tower Defense showcases and streams featuring a brand new character named Chrollo? Do you think of purchasing this new model for your game? If yes, then you must start by reading our complete article to learn all details about Chrollo All Star Tower Defense.

This person has become famous throughout his native United States and many other nations, and athletes have created amazing videos showing his skills! Let’s take a look at the details we have regarding his character.

More information about All Star Tower Defense:

All Star Tower Defense is an online battle game that is played all over the world by users on Roblox. More than 1.7 billion players have played the video game from the time Top Down Games first released the game on July 5, 2020.

Because it’s an action game, you must fend away waves of enemies who are threatening to be threatening you. You can collect new units such as Chrollo All Star Tower Defense at the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour and then use to fight. Each unit has its own unique capabilities and abilities. You can create unique attacks by upgrading your character’s troops. You can form groups with players to keep your game exciting through playing story mode or playing on the infinity towers.

More than 52,353 people are playing the game throughout the United States and many more locations. Astd has also received high scores from over 7,28,000 players. Fans are enjoying the game and growing more each day as the developers roll out new units and features.

What is Chrollo All Star Tower Defense?

Let’s discuss the primary aspect of this article that is Chrollo. Chrollo is popularly referred to by the name of Puppet as he is the name of Astd. He is based off the character Gowther from the manga and anime the series “The Seven Deadly Sins.” While he’s in no evolutionary process the character was given to the team who was the winner of in the Summer 2021 Event.

  • This is a rare 4 star ground and full AoE model unit.
  • Although Chrollo as well as Growther were two distinct characters prior to that they were separate characters, they are now together under the same known as a ‘puppet’ the game as of 2 September 2021.
  • To obtain Chrollo All Star Tower Defense You must walk into the huge pink beam. It will take you to a location where you are able to sacrifice any other character in your collection to are more likely to get Chrollo.
  • It is equipped with three upgrades:
  • Deployment that has a Damage of 179 with a Range of 50, 5 SPA with a DPS value of 35.8.
  • Upgrade 1 comes with Damage of 537 and Range of 50 and SPA of 5 as well as DPS 107.4.
  • Upgrade 2, with damage of 1074 and Range from 50 to 50, an SPA 5 as well as DPS 214.8.
  • Upgrade 3 featuring Damage from 1969 Range of 50, SPA of 5 with DPS 393.8.


Our final opinion on Chrollo All Star Tower Defense is that this is a brand-new strong, highly uncommon character that will transform your game. It is recommended to obtain this model following the method we showed you to use.

Find out more about Astd here.

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