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Christopher Ayres Frieza Know His Life journey!

Frieza the character who became famous in Dragon Ball, was voiced by Christopher Ayres Frieza. Learn further information regarding Chris Ayres in this article.

Have you seen”Dragon Ball? “Dragon Ball” film and consequently heard Chris Ayres’ voice Chris Ayres? It is not necessary to introduce him to his remarkable career as voice actor in both the United States and Japanese film industry. He has also written numerous scripts for films and has greatly contributed to the industry of anime.

He was known for his voiceovers for the character “Frieza” in the Dragon Ball Z film. Also called Christopher Ayres Frieza and he was an ADR director before beginning the career of dub for Kino’s Journey.

The Personal Life of Chris Ayres:

Ayres was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1965. He began his professional career at the age of 6 as a stage actor, and later worked in numerous regional productions. The first film he acted in as voice actor is Saint Seiya (2003), in which he voiced Ushio’s voice. Ushio. Ushio. Christopher Ayres Frieza was in an affair with Krystal who is his girlfriend and also voice actress.

They began working together, and they developed an intimate bond that they maintained until the final day of Ayres’s existence. Ayres was the very first to announce the sad information about the death of Ayres to the entire world.

Net Worth

Chris Ayres was one of the highest-paid voice actors, and has achieved significant fame and fortune as an actor and a director. His net worth is around $1.5 billion. He has also been included on those on the top group of Most Popular Voice Actors. His primary source of earnings was his job as an actor.

Notable Works of Christopher Ayres Frieza

The most well-known works by Chris Ayres include Kino’s Journey, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Alongside films, he has also featured himself in video games too. His voice-overs for video games most notably included The Dragon Ball Series (2010-2018) and The Remnant (2008). The most recent film in which he appeared in the role of a voice actor was The Dog Park: Prank Calls.

He was awarded the award for the Best Male Vocal Performance at 2012’s 2012. Staff Choice Award.

Illness and Death

Chris Ayres was diagnosed with end-stage cardio-pulmonary condition in 2017. He’s been in the hospital since. He made public posts his declining health status via social media, and received massive support from his followers and well-wishers. Christopher Ayres Frieza was also undergoing an organ transplant double in the past and has been in serious ill health since.

The condition did not improve the condition was never better, and he passed away on October 18, 2021. His partner and girlfriend Krystan LaPorte was at his side, and announced the devastating news by writing an emotional and heartfelt message via social media. The loss of Chris Ayres is undoubtedly an devastating loss to the voice-acting and animation film industry.


Christopher Ayres was a phenomenal voice actor, ADR director, and scriptwriter. He will always remain in the memory of his iconic voice as “Frieza” in the anime Dragon Ball. He was one of the richest and most successful voice actors with assets exceeding$1.5 billion.

He passed away in the month of October 2021, after being diagnosed with cardio obstructive lung disease and fighting it for 3 years. Christopher Ayres-Frieza’s IMDb’s biography page

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