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Chinese Acrobat Falls To Death Video: What Happened To The Couple?

In this article, we will explain why the Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death video is so popular online and the real reasons for it.

Do you find the acrobats’ aerial stunts impressive? Wouldn’t it be shocking if they were to fall on someone and kill them?

This article describes the Chinese Acrobat’s Fall to Death video and its causes. It also explains the conclusions regarding the accident.

Causes for the accident

The Viral on Reddit started out well. Both were tied to a cable and flew through the air. Both were not wearing safety belts.

Sun was told to grab the neck of her husband during one stunt. The video shows her doing so but then losing her grip. Her husband did not help her. The wife of an acrobat fell 30 feet.

After she fell, everyone rushed her to the hospital. But the acrobate died.


If we look at the Twitter clippings, the woman fell and the first attempt to rescue her failed. If the husband was more focused, perhaps he could have saved his wife. Many people post this on social media sites like Instagram.

Chinese media reports claim that Sun, who had a fight with her husband before the show, refused to wear a belt.

These details were also spread on many YouTube channels.

In an interview, Zhung strongly disagreed with this news. In an interview with Zhung, he strongly disagreed with that news.

The reaction of the people when they see the clipping

The public had two different reactions: Some expressed sadness for the couple, while others criticized the host for his negligence. Sun was not wearing a safety belt when he performed stunts at 30 feet. The show continued, and the majority of the audience criticized the show for its poor safety measures.

Final Happening

Acrobat Falls to Her Death Full Video was a viral video that attracted worldwide attention. Government officials investigated and fined the program host for performing unapproved commercials. This video encouraged officials to act faster.

What is your opinion of the video? Tell us what you think about the video.

Questions and Answers about the video of an Acrobat from China who fell to his death

  • What has actually happened?

Sun Moumou was killed by a video clip circulated in social media. She was performing in the show with her husband, Zhang Moumou. This show was held on Saturday in Hougao village, located in Anhui.

  • Does she have a family left?

Reports indicate that she is the mother of at least two children.

  • What happened between the couples before the incident?

The Paper-News reported that the couple were engaged in an argument at the time of the incident. Safety officials asked the female performer to take precautions before the stunt began. She refused.

  • Was the couple performing such stunts professionally?

The Paper-News reported that Sun’s wife Zhang and she have worked together for many, many years. They had always performed stunts without safety measures.


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