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Celebrations Pokemon Pre Order Know Full Planning!

For its anniversary celebrations, Pokemon TCG organized more than 31 events this year. You can read more about the Celebrations Pokémon Pre-Order this month.

Pokemon TGS will launch its collection set on 8/Oct/2021 Worldwide. Did you know that the North American pre-order celebration Pokemon sets were delayed? What number of stores could be affected? When will the delayed shipment arrive? What number of cards are in the Pokemon-set set? What is the Amazon store like?

This is all about the 25th anniversary celebration. Let us now check out more information on Celebrations Pokemon Order.


PokeBeach reported that delays were occurring at several Canadian stores. The distributor informed them that certain Pokemon sets may not arrive in time due to uncertain shipping conditions. There are delays in Lance’s Charizard V Collection and Pikachu V-Union Collection. Distributors did not provide a timeline for when they would fulfill the order. Therefore, any stores that have not received the Pokemon sets by the due date will be affected.

A VINTAGE card set has been launched as part of the Pokemon Pre Order Celebrations Set. Celebrations Pokemon pre-order revealed all cards from its celebration sets. There are 25 cards that feature the latest Pokemon characters, and 25 cards that feature classic Pokemon cards. You can distinguish between classic and original cards by using their foils, 25th anniversary stamp and boast.

This is the original collection.

  • Pikachu
  • There are many variations of Pikachu
  • Professor Oak trainer
  • Zamazenta and Zacian V cards
  • Professor’s Research

The Classic Collection includes:

  • Charizard cards
  • Base Set Blastoise
  • Venusaur
  • Rocket’s Zapdos
  • Umbreon Star
  • Birthday Pikachu

New cards

  • Mega Rayquaza EX
  • Tap Lele GX
  • Xernea EX

Promo Cards:

  • A collection of 12 cards
  • Lance’s Charizard Dragapult
  • Dark Sylveon

Celebrations Pokemon Oversized Cards Pre-Order:

  • Dragapult Prime
  • Mimikyu d
  • Hydreigon C
  • Light Toxtricity

Exclusive Pokemon products available to Amazon Prime members:

Amazon Prime customers will receive a Pokemon TCG bundle. The bundle will be launched alongside the Pokemon Anniversary celebration. The items in the Amazon Prime bundle are different to the Pokemon TCG bundle. This information showed that the Amazon Prime bundle contains more oversized cards.

The Prime Bundle will include

  • Multiple large cards
  • Several collectable items
  • Pokemon TCG: Celebrations packs
  • Special Dragapult Prime card
  • Additional 12 Pokemon treasures and 25 Collector Chests of the logo
  • 3 booster packs for the Pokemon TCG
  • 2 more Celebrations Pokemon Pre-Order Cards
  • 4 Pokemon TCG Binder
  • Card binder for large cards
  • A Pokemon metallic coin
  • 1 product code card to play online game


The Pokemon Pre Order Celebrations cards are in high demand. These cards are in high demand and can be ordered online at PokeBeach, Amazon, or local shops. The celebration of the 25th anniversary will continue until February 2022. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends-Arceus will be released on November 2021.

Do you want to learn more about past, present and future anniversary events

We would love to hear your thoughts on Celebrations Pokemon Order events.

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