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BoutiqueLyfe Reviews Is It Legit Or A Scam Site?

This article can help you be aware of and monitor the BoutiqueLyfe Review and other similar intakes.

Are you really into shopping but you don’t want to spend time in stores? Are you in search of an online shop from which you can purchase everything you need? If yes, then BoutiqueLyfe, the United States-based site that is BoutiqueLyfe is a solution to your request. You will find glamour, home, outdoor fitness, pets, children winters and electronic items on a separate website. But, is it true? What are the BoutiqueLyfe Review? To counter them we’re here to assist you.

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What exactly is BoutiqueLyfe.com?

BoutiqueLyfe is a flexible online store that you can find everything. They promise to offer high-quality athletics kitchen, outdoor and family, as well as kids’ health and fitness equipment and pet stocks.

They are famous for their most recent electronic gadgets as well as winter-related products, since most of these include charging technology and USB powered. In addition they are also famous for all types of skates including roller skates, skis, etc.

To find out if BoutiqueLyfe is legit or a scam, keep by reading this article.


  • Website- BoutiqueLyfe.com
  • Email- info@baseuswholesale.com, service@boutiquelyfe.com
  • URL- https://www.boutiquelyfe.com
  • Contact Number +1(669) 250-1812
  • Industries- Clothing
  • Sector Online sellable
  • Address: 3rd and 4th floors from 315 Madison Avenue New York 10165.
  • Date of creation: 26th November 2021 on a Friday at 12:00 am
  • Exchange and return policies Terms and conditions for exchanges and returns Available for 30 days
  • Refund policy Available within 10-14 days of receiving.
  • Shipping policies –They aren’t allowed to ship outside of within the United States
  • Shipping time- 3-5 business days
  • Shipping costs-based on the method of shipping
  • Order Tracking –A tracker number can be activated after 24 hours.
  • BoutiqueLyfe Review Review –very minimal and negative.
  • Payment options – VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal.

Additionally, there are advantages and disadvantages too. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks.

Benefits of Buying

  • Easy and favorable return policy exchange, revocation, and refund policies.
  • They offer a wide range of quality of services, products and security.
  • The website has a valid HTTPS Connection.
  • It’s not found by any blacklisting engine.

Pros of purchasing

  • Deceiving and fake photos.
  • Poor popularity and trust score.
  • Reviewers are extremely few and not favourable.
  • The website is not that old and some important information is hidden too.
  • Afraid, suspicious, and misleading website.
  • The shipping options are very limited.

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Is BoutiqueLyfe Legit or Scam?

  • We found out that it has a low trust index, which is just 4.4 percent of the 100. This is extremely low.
  • Based on our analysis it appears that the number of visitors to the website is close to null (that is zero).
  • As per our analysis, it’s an official HTTPS connection. It is not found by any blacklist engine.
  • Based on our findings our research, their return, shipping as well as refund policy are reasonable and user-friendly.
  • As per our research investigation, the name of the site is not very old and the developer’s name is kept secret.
  • Journals play a crucial role, and according to reliable sources they are the most important. BoutiqueLyfe reviews are not much and are also negative. The buyers were not happy and requested their refunds.
  • According to our sources the pictures shown on the site are flims and false.
  • We have determined the website and discovered that it is poorly handled.
  • According to the information provided the shipping policy has been very limited.
  • There’s no COD options available for these products, which isn’t a good factor.
  • According to our research we were unable to locate any powerfully private websites on this particular domain.

Furthermore, to learn more in depth about the reviews read this article.

BoutiqueLyfe Reviews-

    • According to our analysis, there are quite few customers who purchase from this website and those who do are unhappy with the services and products.
    • Online shoppers have complained of receiving fake goods or no items from the same cache.
    • They have approached their bank or their economic organization to request that their trades be stopped and to have their money returned.
    • Most of them utilized the term “scam” to describe them, and also requested not to purchase items from them.


In the end the website is doubtful and extremely risky website. According to BoutiqueLyfe Reviewit seems like they’re a fraud however, we were unable to locate anything. We will recommend that you conduct thorough research on the site prior to doing anything.

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