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Blue Lock 149 Chapter Read Full Episode Details!

The story Blue Lock Chapter 149 refers to one of the more popular mangas for soccer enthusiasts. Find out more here.

Have you heard of Blue Lock? Are you aware that Blue Lock’s latest installment is available today after a delay of a few weeks? People who are waiting eagerly for the next episode are able to go online to read the latest episode.

If you’ve read about Blue Lock, you’ll already be acquainted with one most popular manga all over the world. The manga is split into chapters and volumes in order to keep the attention of readers. Let’s begin our discussion the Blue Lock Chapter 149 to find out more specifics.

An introduction to what’s happening:

It is an adaptation on a theme of sports where the Japan team was eliminated from at the FIFA World Cup. Isagi Youichi, a striker who is admitted to an organization right after the team is denied the chance to participate in Nationals due to the fact that he gave the goal that won the game to an untrained teammate who failed to score — instead of scoring the goal himself.

Ego Jinpachi who is their trainer is determined at “destroy the Japanese losing football team” by introducing the new routine of training. This includes placing 300 strikers of the future in a jail-like structure called “Blue Lock.” And the goal is to create “the world’s finest egotist striker.”

The previous episode

Before we begin the Blue Lock Chapter 149, let us look at a brief review of the preceding chapter, i.e., 148. Chapter 148, entitled “Declaration,” we see the winner’s goal in the match against The Japanese U-20 side. In this chapter, Isagi breaks down his goal against player Oliver. In addition Rin’s brotherly reunion. We witnessed Isagi Reiterating Sae’s words declaring that he would lead to victory.

Why why is there a delay in the release of Chapter 149?

In the past, it was reported that the English manga version of chapter 1449 from the manga was scheduled to go out on the 6th of October. However, due an illness that struck illustrator Yusuke Nomura who was ill, the chapter was released on the same day, i.e., 27th October.

Blue Lock 149 Chapter:

Chapter 149, entitled “complete,” begins with celebration and a discussion in the locker room between the team. Ego said to Isagi his goal his team achieved was the pivotal moment of his life. He reminds his team that this victory is only the beginning of the journey for all players. Others leave to celebrate, while Isagi is left along with Rin inside the room for some time.

He was reminded by Rin that his ultimate objective was not complete without his help. However, Rin informs Isagi that he’ll never accept his apology and that he must stop talking to him and go to hell in the event that he does not, he will take him to the grave. Isagi suggests that Rin attempt to make it work and then walks out.

In the very last chapter section of Blue Lock Chapter 149 we were able to see Kunigami leaving the wild card entrance. That’s right, Kunigami returns. In the bottom of the page we can also find the label “Blue Lock – Phase One Complete.”

What is Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is an Japanese Manga based on the theme of sports. Muneyuki Kaneshiro wrote the manga as well Yusuke Nomura illustrated it. In August of 2018 the first chapter of Volume 1 of Blue Lock first appeared on Kodansha’s Shinen weekly magazine.


There are 16 volumes that have been completed along with the first phase, as we saw at the conclusion Chapter 149. Blue Lock 149 Chapter. There’s also an anime that is scheduled to release in 2022 by Eight Bit. The date for the release of the series is 2022.

More details about Blue Lock Lock

Are you satisfied by the success of your team? Let us know in the comments section what you’re hoping to see on this week’s episode.

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