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Best Tools for Converting PDFs to Word Documents

The widespread popularity of the PDF format due to its remarkable features has urged people to prefer it over other formats. One of the major reasons behind choosing PDF over other formats is its universal nature, which allows everyone to access these files from any device without any hassle. When you share a PDF file across different kinds of devices, it doesn’t lose its formatting or alignment. It is a benefit of PDF that the files in this format can be accessed through any device without downloading a specific software program. However, the real problem arises when it comes to making changes to a PDF document. 

Despite all the advantages offered by the PDF format, the hassle involved in editing these files gives Word a competitive advantage over it. When it comes to preparing a document from scratch, the first format to come into your mind would be Word for sure. Editing a PDF file is only possible through the pro version of Adobe Acrobat, which everyone cannot afford to buy. Therefore, the best way to beat this nuisance is by converting PDFs into Word documents with a trustable PDF to Word converter. If you are wondering which tool you should choose to make this conversion, then you are at the right spot. In this blog, we will discuss the best tools for converting PDFs to Word Documents. Let’s look into them without any further ado!

PDF to Word Converter – DupliChecker

DupliChecker contains a wide range of tools for people working in different domains, and its PDF to Word converter is one of the best tools you can get your hands on for converting PDFs into Word documents. You can easily access this PDF to doc converter by simply visiting https://www.duplichecker.com/convert-pdf-to-word.php. Once you have accessed this tool, you just need to upload the PDF file that you wish to convert into Doc format. That’s how simple it is to use this tool and carry out your required conversions. The users don’t have to follow any convoluted procedures for converting PDF to Word with this tool. You can convert as many PDFs into Word documents as you desire without worrying about paying a penny. There are no complex steps of registration that need to be followed for accessing and using this tool. All you need to have is a stable internet connection for converting PDFs into Word documents with this online tool.

PDF to Doc Converter – SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools, another top-rated platform with hundreds of smart and efficient tools, is also offering a top-quality PDF to Word converter. Just like DupliChecker, this web portal offers this tool for converting PDFs into Doc format without asking you to pay any charges. You don’t need to sign up or log in to your account or enter any personal details to use this online PDF to Doc converter. All you need to do is access this PDF to Word converter, enter the file you wish to convert, and press the convert button. After that, the tool will only take a couple of seconds to complete your required conversion and present the results on your screen. You can carry out this conversion on any kind of device, as it is a web-based tool. It is supported by all major operating systems, which include Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. You won’t be asked to download any software program or plugin to use this online PDF to Word converter.


If you are searching for a platform that is jam-packed with all the tools that can help you manage your PDFs, then iLovePDF could be your go-to option. Its PDF to Word converter allows you to easily get PDFs into Doc format within a matter of seconds. This facility offers a wide range of features to its users; however, to access all of them, you will need to get a premium version of this platform. By getting subscribed to one of its plans, you can get access to all the tools offered on iLovePDF. You’ll have to sign up and create an account to use the PDF to doc converter on this platform.


The last but not least option on the list of best tools for converting PDFs to Word documents is available on Smallpdf. The PDF to Word converter offered on this platform has super-compatibility that allows users to access it from a device running on any operating system. Its easy-to-use interface makes the process of converting PDFs to Word documents quite quick and hassle-free. However, for making multiple conversions, you’ll need to get a pro version of Smallpdf. If you want to use it for it, you’ll only be able to convert a single PDF file into Word each day. Apart from uploading files from your device, this platform also allows you to directly import PDFs from your cloud storage account, including Google Drive and Dropbox.


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