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Backyard Revolution Scam

What is Backyard Revolution?

Backyard Revolution is an online course that teaches you how to create an energy source for your home in four hours. This course will allow you to reduce your electricity consumption up to 70%. That means lower monthly bills.

It includes step-by-step instructions as well as diagrams and pictures. This program is affordable and easy to install solar panels at your home. It is easy to install solar panels in your home without the need for expensive tools or hiring a professional.

The best thing about the program is its ability to make zigzag solar panel designs. This program covers everything you need in order to harness the sun’s power. Get your Backyard Revolution copy today to start saving money next month.

What is Backyard Revolution?

This course teaches you how to create a source for energy in just four hours. This program was inspired by the recent discoveries of MIT’s research group that showed how to use solar cell with a zigzag. You can use the solar panel every day without charging it. It can power most home devices. The solar panel can be placed in your garden, or in any of your other rooms that receive sunlight.

“975$ per year savings” This is 80$ per month. The total cost of the panels, batteries and inverter, plus the video, is approximately 80$ per month. Although they said that all this could be done for $279, I emailed them to confirm that the inverter was not included in that price. At that price, I don’t think the solar panels, charge controller, or batteries are included.

There has to be another way. This isn’t magic, if you look at the MIT study, they are simply capturing the sun from the moment it begins to rise and goes down. This is when regular panels produce their lowest output. However, because this vertical setup absorbs more sunlight (per square footage, flat vs vertical).

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