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Atomberg Fan Review

Atomberg Technologies is the most well-known BLDC fan brand. With its revolutionary technology, it has revolutionized ceiling fan manufacturing. When it comes to energy saving, ceiling fans are perhaps the most overlooked appliance. Atomberg’s BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor has struck a chord. It is a highly efficient fan that uses very little energy. In 2012, IIT Bombay’s talented graduates founded Atomberg Technologies.

  • 5-year warranty
  • BEE – 5 stars rated
  • Energy efficient
  • Consumes only 35 W
  • Floral blades and many more

Atomberg Fan is able to earn its ROI in three years if it is compared with a regular 75W fan. This can be statistically proved by comparing the working hours, lifespan, initial investment and depreciation, as well as labor costs. An added benefit is the 5-year warranty Atomberg Fan offers.

The stagnant ceiling fan market was transformed by Atomberg Fan. With its super energy efficiency and BLDC technology, it created a tsunami of change. It also added additional features such as remote control, breeze, and timer.

Atomberg Gorilla enthusiasts love the fact that they can save energy. Atomberg Gorilla fans consume just 28 watts of electricity at peak speeds thanks to the BLDC technology. This is a significant reduction from ceiling fans that consume over 75 watts of electricity. Atomberg used high-quality materials for the construction of this fan. Instead of using sheet metal in BEE 5-star rated fans with rust resistance, Gorilla fans use high quality aluminium for their fan blades. The aluminum material is lighter, which allows for better airflow. Gorilla fan also uses NSIKI shielded bearings which reduce metal to metal contact friction. This means that the motor lasts longer and produces less noise. Motor is the heartbeat of a fan. The quality of gorilla fans was tested at the IIT laboratories. They can work in fluctuating voltages. They are capable of working in voltages ranging from 110V up to 285V.

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