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Are Max George and Maisie Smith Still Together: Is Maisie And Max Dating?

If you are also interested in knowing if Max George and Maisie are still together then read this article to find out more about them.

Max George and Maisie still together?

Max George and Maisie have shown their colorful home to their fans after moving together. This means that Max George and Maisie, who are romantically involved, have moved together and have given their fans an early peek at their new home. Max George and Maisie are still together. Recent news has revealed that Max George proposed to Maisie on The Chase.

What is Maisie Smiddy?

Maisie Smith, a British singer and actress. She was born in Essex, England, on July 9, 2001. Smith is most famous for her role of Tiffany Butcher on the popular British soap opera, “EastEnders”. She has played this character since 2008.

Maisie is not only a great actress, but also a gifted singer and dancer. She was a finalist on “Strictly come Dancing”, a reality show in 2020. Maisie released “Good Thing” in 2020. It received positive reviews, and reached the UK Top 20.

Maisie has appeared on other television shows, including “The Ellen DeGeneres show” and “Celebrity Juice”. Despite her youth, she has established herself as an accomplished performer. She is well respected in the entertainment business. Maisie loves to spend time with family and friends and practice martial arts in her spare time.

How old is Maisie Smitty?

Maisie Smith, born July 9, 2001 is 21 years old on April 24, 2023. She is best known as Tiffany Butcher Baker in the popular British soap Eastenders. Smith started her career as a child actor in the show’s 2008 season and continued portraying her character up until 2014.

She returned to the series in 2016, and since then, she has played a recurring role. Smith, who has also pursued a music career, was a contestant in the 18th season, or British dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing.

Is Maisie pregnant?

Maisie Smith uploaded a picture on social media of her holding her stomach while Max was seen watching with his hand covering his mouth. She tagged Max in the post and displayed a heart over her midriff. The Tiffany Butcher actor captioned the photo with “We’ve Got Some Really Exciting News …”” but revealed later on the next slide that it was a joke and they had just enjoyed a 5-course meal.

The joke was played during their Dubai trip. Some fans thought it was funny, but others were critical of Maisie’s joke. This isn’t the first time Maisie made jokes about pregnancy. She joked with John Whaite, her Strictly Come Dancing partner.

Who is Max George?

Max George is an English singer, songwriter and actor. Max George is most famous for being a former member in the British-Irish Boy Band “The Wanted”. The band formed in 2009, and gained popularity with songs like “Glad You Come”, “Chasing The Sun”, and “All Time Low”.

Max George, one of the lead singers in the group, was known for his distinct voice and energetic performances. Max George, who was a lead vocalist in The Wanted before the band went on hiatus back in 2014 pursued a solo music career and appeared on TV shows like “Glee”, “Strictly come Dancing” and others.

Are Maisie and Max George dating?

Since September 2022, Maisie Smith (known for her EastEnders role) and Max George (a member of The Wanted) have been romantically linked. Their relationship was first revealed when they were seen together in London.

Since then, the couple has been seen together on numerous occasions including at events and on vacations. Many fans of both celebrities expressed their support for this couple. They took to social media in order to express their excitement.


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