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Android 12 Is Bringing A Feature That Will Let You Play Games As They Download On Your Phone

Yesterday, Google hosted a Game Developer Summit to help developers create games for Android phones. Google unveiled a new feature in Android 12 to speed up the process of downloading and launching the game. Play as you download is a new feature that allows users to play an Android game right away. Google claims that this feature reduces the time it takes to get into a game that weighs around 400MB. Similar features are available on gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation. They allow users to begin playing the game even before it finishes downloading and installing.

This isn’t the first attempt by Google to speed up games on Android phones. Google Play Instant allows users to instantly start a new game from the Play Store. This feature allows potential players to instantly try new games without having to install anything. Google’s Android App Bundle format, which is replacing the APK standard, powers Google’s new “play as you go” feature.

Smartphone games are some of the most downloaded apps on smartphones today, sometimes weighing in at several GBs. These games can be downloaded in a few minutes and users will then move on to another app or service. Google claims that the time required to download these games will be cut in half with the new feature.

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