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Amkette Evo Fox Game Box Review: Game On, Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Gaming consoles are a unique thing. Even those who don’t want to be called gamers suddenly feel the need to sink their backsides into the comfort of a beanbag and race on the most famous tracks in the world, or shoot the heads of the zombies that have overtaken the rest of the world. However, not everyone can afford either a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Microsoft Xbox 4. You might be surprised to learn that many of the games you enjoy on your phone’s small screen can also be played on your TV. It’s a much bigger canvas for games. Although it is not quite as good as the PlayStation and Xbox, it is still a great option. This is exactly what the Amkette Evo Game Box does. The Evo Fox Game Box adds two dimensions to your experience, gaming and video streaming. How much will you be willing to spend?

The Amkette Evo Fox Game Box costs Rs 8,990, which is significantly lower than you might have expected for a gaming console. This includes the Nvidia Shield gaming system, which is the most popular in the world of Android TV-based media players and gaming consoles. Their prices also reflect that fact. The promise here is simple. The Evo Fox Game Box delivers Android gaming that you can watch on your TV instead of looking at your phone. This box runs Android 9, which has been extensively reworked to fit the TV screen. This can also be used as a one-stop destination for video streaming, with all of the most popular streaming apps available via the Google Play Store.

Amkette Evo Fox Game Box’s core specs include a quad-core processor and a Mali G313D graphics chip. It also has 4GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, and 32 GB RAM. You’ll need to fill it up quickly if you plan on downloading many games. Android games have the bad habit of downloading too much data at specific points. The microSD card is the solution. It is smooth and responsive without any noticeable slowdowns or stutters. This is a huge plus, especially considering that the Android version underneath is quite old. Two USB ports are available, but they will be filled quickly because both the wireless remote control as well as the wireless controller require dongles in order to connect with Amkette Evo Game Box. While it is functional, this feels a little outdated for a console that aims to be a popular gaming device in 2021.

The Amkette Evo Fox Game Box supports 4K resolution and handles gaming well at that resolution. Although there is some dependance on the game and its tuning, I noticed occasional stutters in graphics-heavy games like Asphalt 8 or Real Racing 3 and some lag in controller input at 4K. This was fixed as soon as the resolution was reduced to 1080p at 60Hz. At 4K resolution, however, games like Ski Safari 2 or Hungry Shark Evolution have no stutters.

The game you choose will determine how well the game runs and the ability of the device to detect it. It also affects the performance of the wireless controller. Asphalt 8 and Real Racing were two of the Amkette Evo Fox Game Box titles that caught my attention. The first is a great game with an excellent controller mapping and quick game load times. The Real Racing 3 title was not as easy. The controller mapping is not very intuitive and the game cannot detect the left turn gesture. If your car refuses turn left in a Formula 1 race you won’t be able to finish the race. It is difficult to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the Amkette Evo Fox Game Box in the fragmented Android world. This includes the Google Play Store, Android apps, and the Android games. We can only say that the box will perform well if the developer has given it enough smarts to run the game you want. It’ll be a slow experience if this is not the case.

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On its own, the Amkette Evo Fox Game Box is equipped with both the hardware and software needed to deliver the games. There are many preloaded games across all genres that can help you get started in gaming. The Google Play Store offers a wide range of games.

The interface is one observation I cannot help but make. This is a customized wrapper that brings forward the games on your home screen. The interface doesn’t have a modern aesthetic touch. It does what it is supposed to do, which is curate apps and games, and lead you to an app drawer. It feels a little too simple, with too many boxes adjusted where there was room. The app drawer doesn’t feel premium. It has a distinct look that reminds me of Android a few years back. Although this is Android 9 underneath all the wrappers it would have been nice to see some customization. In case you are distracted by something, it is difficult to identify the selection you made on the screen. To redecover the exact location of your selection, you will need to use the direction keys on the remote.

If you don’t have a smart television, the Amkette Fox Game Box will be used for video streaming apps frequently. This box supports all video streaming apps, which is a plus. Netflix, the usual suspect who has a problem with certain streaming hardware, can be found on the console. The console also includes Amazon Video, Disney+ Hotstar and Sony Liv. Jio Cinema, Zee5 are all available. The Evo Fox Game Box can reproduce any 4K content flawlessly. You only need a 4K TV to use the Evo Fox Game Box.


My mind is clear that the Amkette Evo Fox Game Box delivers on its promise to bring smartphone gaming and video streaming to your TV. You don’t have to limit the experience to your phone screen. You can get 4K gaming to your TV with the hardware it has, at least for those games that have been optimized to do so. Once the gaming and Netflix binging begins, the niggles of the old-school remote connectivity and controller or the outdated interface can be put aside.


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