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A Universal Time Dio Bone Know Exciting Features!

This article fundamentally enrolls all the significant data identified with A Universal Time Dio Bone thing.

Is it true that you are a major aficionado of “A Universal Time” on the Roblox stage? Is it true that you are looking with regards to how to benefit and utilize cool new components and things in the game like Dio Bone? Assuming your answer is true, you have gone to the perfect spot; today, we will expound on every one of the insights concerning A Universal Time Dio Bone so you can make your gaming experience much more brilliant!

Players from nations like Brazil and the United States are continually hoping to upgrade their interactivity through exceptional things so we should jump into every one of the subtleties.

What is “A Universal Time”?

Prior to discussing the Dio Bone, how about we comprehend the ongoing interaction of A Universal Time, prevalently known as AUT. A Universal Time, made and possessed by the Universe Time Studio, is an all-inclusive Roblox JoJo game dispatched around 2018. It’s an experience computer game dependent on JoJo’s strange experience manga series and numerous other manga series and fandoms. You can battle different players and homestead for things like A Universal Time Dio Bone. This game is an exchanging and granulating test system alongside a PVP test system.

What is Dio Bone?

Dio Bone is a thing utilized for super shadow, and you can make Sans with the assistance of this thing. This thing looks very much like a typical-looking bone yet has a blue featured emanation encompassing it. It shows a likeness to an assault that is utilized by Sans in his Undertale Boss Battle. The Dio Bone is an S-level thing, yet it can’t be exchanged for Death Note since Death Note is an S/S+ Tier thing, though Dio Bone is in S-level.

More with regards to A Universal Time Dio Bone:

  • Produce Rate:

The Spawn Rate of the Dio Bone is extremely uncommon as it has a 1 out of 375 shot at generating that too at regular intervals.

  • Employments:

At the point when you use Dio Bone with Supershadow, you can create Sans with its assistance.

  • More itemized data:
  • At the point when the Dio Bone is generated, you can play Megalovania from Undertale.
  • From the beginning, the bone didn’t have a blue blueprint, yet later it got renovated to have a blue featured light around it to make it look more appealing.
  • Dio Bone is from the Undertale.
  • The most effective method to get A Universal Time Dio Bone:

There are two different ways you can get the Dio Bone:

  • You can dive it up in the backwoods
  • You can get it from the shop for 1,50,000 coins.


We need to close our article by saying that the Dio Bone is an extremely uncommon and supportive thing in the AUT game, and you can acquire a great deal from it. You can profit from this in the manners we referenced above and make Sans, a significant person in the Undertale. You can even get stands like the XChara Stand and World Stand utilizing the A Universal Time Dio Bone.

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